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First Employee of the Year Travels to Australia


Febilyn Rebibis is the first Employee of the Year awardee. Our highest recognition was awarded to her during the Axiem Christmas Party 2014 by our Managing Director, Maryann Farrugia, and Finance and Operations Director, Peter DeAngelis. As an incentive, Febilyn or more commonly known as “Feby” had a holiday of a lifetime to Australia with her mother. It is an all-expense-paid trip with a generous spending money.

Feby and her mom arrived in Melbourne, Australia on May 10, 2015, visited Gold Coast, Queensland to attend the AFIF Conference 2015 on the 13th and flew back to Melbourne on 16th till the 20th. It was a 10-day vacation for Axiem’s most outstanding employee.

Feby started as a Data Entry Specialist turned Team Coach at Axiem. She has also received various employee recognition awards such as Employee of the Month. With a perfect attendance since she started in the company, she was the only employee with this unblemished record.

This is the first trip of Feby and her mom outside the Philippines. They toured around the most historical and famous places in the city such as St. Paul’s Anglican Cathedral Melbourne, Sealife Melbourne Aquarium in William Street beside Yarra River and South Melbourne Market with Maryann and Tracy Farrugia. Peter DeAngelis and his daughter, Isabel, took Feby and her mom to see real koalas and kangaroos at the Melbourne Zoo and ate dinner at Lygon Steakhouse. She also went to Cherry Bar in ACDC Lane with her counterparts and enjoyed a performance from a typical aussie band. When asked, Feby said she would love to visit the Sheraton Mirage Resort & Spa in Gold Coast when she gets to visit Australia again. These are just few of the places Feby and her mom visited in Australia.

Question: How was the whole experience?
Words are not enough to say how thankful my mom and I for this trip. It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. My mom and I experienced a lot of first times. We were able to have a mother and daughter bonding and I get to see breathtaking places in Australia. I also get to build relationships with Boss M, Boss Pete, Tracy, meet and hang out with my counterparts. It was truly an amazing and priceless trip!

Question: How does this trip help you?
It made me understand their culture and their way of life. It will definitely help me in improving and enhancing my client interactions; therefore, building a better working relationship with them. I am more motivated to work harder.

Question: What can you share to your colleagues at Axiem about this experience?
Always be at your best when it comes to your job. Put your heart and passion in everything you do. If you want to achieve something, regardless if you're just starting a career or you already reached the peak, or whatever social status you have, make sure you work hard for it. Be humble and don't forget to always be a person of character because that is the real foundation of success. Lastly, if I did it, you can do it too. Remember, anything is possible, just believe in yourself.