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Offshore Outsourcing Solutions Company

Axiem Corporation is a business process outsourcing company that specializes in offshoring services. We provide back office solutions for small to large businesses worldwide. Our team is composed of highly skilled professionals who have outstanding BPO experience. We are headquartered in the Philippines and have offices in USA and Australia.


We are committed to doing what we do best, which is, help you save money and achieve greater efficiency. In line with your business needs and goals, we provide you with BPO solutions that give you increased productivity. Our data entry, call center, accounting and IT services offer your business growth and competitiveness.

Our BPO Services include:

  • Accounting and bookkeeping
  • Customer service
  • Data entry processing
  • Mobile development
  • Telesales
  • Telemarketing
  • Web development and programming

Axiem - Global BPO Services Provider

At Axiem, we strive to be a global destination for reliable offshore outsourcing solutions. We observe and apply the latest innovations and updates in the USA, UK-Europe, Australia and Asia markets. Our local industry professionals are available to assist you in your business outsourcing needs.


Companies in the USA have long understood how effective the use of BPO companies in the Philippines can be as this is where it all began over a decade ago. If you are a US based company new to offshoring, Axiem can assist you in reducing your costs and increasing your productivity within a few short weeks. We provide effective ways of processing your data entry, accounting, telemarketing, sales support and other offshore service needs.


We remain dedicated in our position as a reliable BPO services provider in Australia. Through the years, we've dealt with various industries and helped them cope strategically with the varying market situations that they face. Continuously, we thrive in delivering top quality offshore outsourcing solutions to Australia.


With our global headquarters in the Philippines, our Asia team is composed of competent BPO professionals, who are considered to be the top outsourcing providers in the world. Our adherence to excellence and commitment to our clients ensures that they receive the highest calibre of business processes and results.


To provide the highest quality business process outsourcing solutions at competitive rates with dedication to building strong partnerships and a solid commitment to our clients worldwide.


We bridge individual, cultural and organizational boundaries to enable us to consistently exceed our clients' expectations and provide continuous growth for our team and our company.

Our Values

Axiem upholds a firm commitment to strive for excellence and develop lasting partnerships. Our values ensure that we are leaders in the provision of exceptional offshoring services globally.

Our Difference

We take great pride in who we are and the services that we provide. This is our difference. We at Axiem believe that happy, successful clients and employees are the backbone of a successful business.

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Axiem Offshore Outsourcing Solutions
Data Entry
Data Entry

We help enhance the performance of your business with secure and efficient data entry services.

Call Center
Call Center

Our cost-effective call center solutions are customized to reduce your costs and increase your productivity.


Maximize the knowledge and skills of our professional accounting staff at Axiem to expand your business.

I.T. Services
I.T. Services

Keep up to date with the latest innovations and trends that your business can benefit from through our IT experts.

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