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Axiem Sportsfest 2015



The competitive staff of Axiem are out to play on scorching hot Saturdays, June 3 and June 20 at Double Play, Pasig City. It is the first ever Sportsfest event held and was made possible by Axiem Process Development Manager, Chris Malong, together with Shem Kho and Raymond Evangelista.

Four teams battled it out in five sports activities: Cheerleading, Amazing Race, Badminton, Volleyball and Basketball. Blue Team was composed of the teams of TL Wil and TL Diane. Teams of TL Dave, TL Brian and TL Kervin complete Green Team. Members of TL Basi, TL Marc and Vixen represent Red Team. Lastly, Yellow Team with the teams of TL Che, TL JJ, TL Dette, Support and Management. Maryann Farrugia and partner, Tracy, are also in attendance to watch everyone play and have fun.

After the games, the following names were proclaimed winners and received trophies and prizes:

Champion: Yellow Team

Amazing Race
Champion: Blue Team

Champion: Red Team
2nd Place: Blue Team
3rd Place: Yellow Team
Best Player: Joseph Tañega

Champion: Green Team
2nd Place: Yellow Team
3rd Place: Blue Team
Best Player: Bong Christopher Sanchez

Champion: Green Team
2nd Place: Yellow Team
3rd Place: Blue Team
Best Player: Alvin John Foronda

Chris said, “The objective of this event is to engage everyone to have fun. Let’s take a break, get out of the four corners of our office and play. This activity leads us to knowing one another, building trust and, eventually, performing better in each of our own roles.” He also added, “With the great success of this event, we are most certainly looking forward to a more exciting Sportsfest 2016.”