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Axiem's First Quarterly Incentive Recipient for 2014, Salie Bautista, Enjoys Her Trip to Puerto Princesa


Salie Bautista surely welcomed 2014 with a blast after receiving the Employee of the Quarter in a company meeting held on April 2, 2014. Surprised with the announcement, everyone congratulated her for this wonderful achievement.

Salie started with the company in September of 2013 as a Telemarketer. Though she has been in this field for a decade, she still carries the rigor and passion in what she does. For Salie, her day-to-day work is composed of meeting and exceeding her tasks. No wonder Operations Manager, Mylyn Ferido-Magpantay, saw Salie as a great qualifier for the company's quarterly incentive.

Mylyn added, "Salie is a complete package. She has perfect schedule adherence and the highest productivity when it comes to sales. Therefore, she is the rightful recipient of Axiem's Employee of the Quarter for the 1st Quarter of 2014."

Salie Encourages the Rest to Do the Same

Salie believes everyone is working hard to perform one's task. For this reason, each and every Axiem team player has the chance to get this amazing company incentive. In her case, she will be going to Puerto Princesa, Palawan for free, plus with generous pocket money. Further, she encourages her teammates to do the same.

Question : What inspires you to be good at what you're doing?
Salie : My family always inspires me. But, of course, as we all know, our bosses are the best. I feel that it is my responsibility to give them back the generosity that they are giving us. I do this through simply doing my job well.

Question : What are your words of encouragement that will also challenge your colleagues to get this incentive?
Salie : Just continue doing what you're doing because as I've said, everyone is doing their job well. Just go a little extra for that added value. One thing is for sure, in this company, hard work will never go unnoticed.

Question : What do you want to say to Maryann and Peter?
Salie : I just want to thank you for the many rewards I've been receiving ever since I started. From the fun quiz to being the Employee of the Quarter, you really value your employees hard work. You guys rock!

Salie's words express gratefulness and, at the same time, encourage her colleagues to do the same. She emphasized how the company values its employees through these rewarding and fun-filled incentives.

Other Top Notch Awardees

Other awardees were also recognized for their hard work. These professionals serve as role models to their colleagues:

Employee of the Month
February 2014 : Mary Grace Atienza
March 2014 : Febilyn Rebibis
April 2014 : Francis Forneste

Team of the Month
February 2014 : Kevin Young (TL), Salie Bautista and Lana Ortega
March 2014 : Julius Minimo (TL), Tin Fajardo, John Reaño and Matt Naga
April 2014 : Dianne David (TL), Eldee Buenaventura, Venus Arguilla, Mawel Rañada, Jane Diaz, Leila Berboso and Juliet Mendoza

Everyone enjoyed the recognition and the bonuses they received from doing a job well done. Surely, the whole Axiem Team went home smiling and even laughing after this fun event.