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AXIEM Introduces Team Manager - Dianne David




Axiem Corporation welcomes Dianne David as Team Manager. Dianne is the newest member of the distinguished Axiem Senior Management Team. Her role will cover the development and implementation of programs and policies to support the company's strategies.

With over 8 years of business process outsourcing (BPO) experience, she has been in the fields of Sales, Customer Support and Operations. Axiem’s Management Team is confident that Dianne can lead her team and exceed the Company’s expectations through her leadership and commitment.

“As the team manager for Axiem, it is my responsibility to provide work direction for all Team Leads and guide them to career progression while making sure that our operators are well motivated to meet, if not exceed, the company’s expectations and requirements” said Dianne.

Her commitment and passion to People and Client Management becomes an advantage of Axiem. Through these characteristics, it ensures the organization a smooth execution of day-to-day transactions in Operations.

Dianne will work in partnership with HR, Talent Acquisition, Process Development and Training departments to develop and implement policies/programs to support the company’s business strategies.

Congratulations Dianne and the Axiem family is proud of your success! We look forward to the many things you can contribute for the company’s growth.