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Axiem Corporation Wellness Week



Axiem held its first Wellness Week during August with the help of valued industry partners. The company understands that people face many stresses in everyday life, and that work-life balance is of vital importance. Wellness Week aims to provide programs for all employees regarding the essential aspects of healthy living for both physical and mental wellbeing.

Wellness week kicked off with a Beauty and Wellness day with our beauty consultants from Mary Kay offering valuable advice and tips on effective beauty routines. We believe that inner beauty is also an essential component of any successful individual; therefore our Personality Development Seminar focused on personal and professional mental health and wellbeing. Elements of the seminar included very informative discussions on confidence and personal presentation.

The day of pampering was followed by a Financial Management Seminar hosted by Carlo Pascual in collaboration with Insular Life. Budgeting was the central topic of the day with Carlo instructing participants to “tell your money where to go, so you don’t ask where it went”. Another nugget of information was that the golden rule regarding your salary is PAYING YOURSELF FIRST and that the only way to have enough is through self-discipline.

Thursday was dedicated to the Axiem Fitness Program. Participants learnt about the prevalence, consequences and prevention of hypertension, and ended the day with an energizing Zumba session with Michelle Lee, an instructor from Maxicare. Mary Kay offered a last round of beauty tips, Security Bank offered free financial advice and masseurs provided free massage sessions for aching bodies on Friday as a great start to the weekend.

We would like to thank everyone who joined us in our efforts to keep our employees engaged and growing personally and professionally. We look forward to more activities in future and your continuous support of our development programs.