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Telstra Awakens Philippine Telco Industry


San Miguel Corporation President Ramon Ang has confirmed Telstra’s initiative to enter the Philippine telco industry to provide better voice, text and internet services, especially focusing on mobile broadband.

“Whatever contribution that they [Telstra] will put in is nothing to them because they are a very big company. The moment that our telco will be operational, it will give a better service to everyone,” Ang said.

The Philippines telecommunications industry is currently led by Globe and PLDT. However, consumers have been raising their concerns on the slow internet speed. In a consumer internet speed study conducted on May 2015, the Philippines ranks as the second slowest with internet speed at 3.64 Mbps while Singapore, as the highest, enjoys an internet speed at 122.43 Mbps.

With the impending Telstra-SMC venture, Philippine telco consumers will soon experience fast internet browsing. "We are building a network that will provide our countrymen a good network that will at least work. It will be a better network [than the two existing networks]," Ang added.

Though appearing not threatened on the said venture, the two current telco companies, Globe and PLDT, have recently released new broadband services that provide fast internet browsing on selected areas which draws confusion and skepticism from the consumers. Many were quick to spot on the timing of such release.

Despite the new broadband services offered by Globe and PLDT, consumers are already on the lookout for the Telstra-SMC joint venture and have high hopes that its internet services will answer their everyday outcry - slow internet speed in the Philippines.