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Febilyn Rebibis - Axiem Employee of the Year 2014


On December 13, 2014, the Axiem Management Team headed by Maryann Farrugia and Peter DeAngelis gave recognition to the outstanding performers of the year. One of the highlights of the event was the announcement of the Employee of the Year. Everyone was on the edge of their seats waiting for whose name will be called. After all, it’s an all-expense-paid holiday for two to Australia. Finally, Maryann announced the name “Febilyn Rebibis” as the Employee of the Year 2014. The crowd cheered Febilyn as she walked onto the stage. With a big smile on her face, she received the award given by Maryann Farrugia, Peter DeAngelis and Operations Manager - Mylyn Ferido-Magpantay.

Who is Febilyn Rebibis?

Febilyn Rebibis started as Data Entry Specialist at Axiem Corporation on September 2013, promoted as Team Coach on March 2014 and endorsed as soon to be Team Leader. She is also the Employee of the Month for March 2014. In a short span of time, Febilyn has reached career milestones with her hard work and dedication.

What Makes Febilyn the Employee of the Year?

She has been awarded as the Employee of the Year for being the only employee who did not incur any tardiness. Febilyn has not been late since her first day in the company. She continues to be a role model to her colleagues with perfect schedule adherence and impressive performance. These are the qualities that make Febilyn the Employee of the Year.

“One of the noticeable things about her is that she’s resilient with her work. The passion for getting things done is there even if it means extending office hours for research. She does not stop from doing what is expected of her. She goes for the extra mile.”

- Julius Minimo, Team Leader

“Truly, Feb deserves the title as the Employee of the Year. Her determination and integrity in what she does is outstanding. She has excellent adherence to company policies and continuously provides exceptional work.”

- Wilson Marquez de Guzman, Team Leader

“She is admirable for her work and attitude. Even if she’s now at the peak of her career, she remains to be friendly, humble and respectful to her colleagues.”

- Lorena San Diego, Colleague

“Febilyn possesses all the qualities of an Employee of the Year. She steps up and takes the initiative to ensure that everything is covered in every shift even though she is not yet a Team Leader. She has perfect attendance and a positive attitude.”

- Mylyn Ferido-Magpantay, Operations Manager

Therefore, Axiem Corporation rewards Febilyn an all-expense-paid travel to Australia with spending money. She will be going to Australia with her mother on April 2015.

“I just feel blessed and grateful for this recognition not just as a professional but also an individual who strives hard to do my best in everything I do. I want to take this opportunity to thank the people who made my work possible, comfortable and fun with their trust, support and confidence in me. I will double my efforts and work harder for the team. Also, thank you to the Management Team. I look forward to contributing more to my colleagues and the company.”

- Febilyn Rebibis