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Employee of the Quarter: Rizaldy’s Summer Getaway


Rizaldy Razal is Axiem’s Employee of the Quarter for the 4th Quarter of 2014.

Rizaldy started with the company on May 2014 as Sales Representative. Later on, he was promoted as Team Coach of the Telemarketing Team due to his impressive schedule adherence and performance. Also, his name sounds familiar as one of the company’s Employee of the Month awardees.

He is known for his dedication to work. Rizaldy comes in at least an hour before his shift to prepare. He also keeps his files organized and presentable. His works are really impeccable and should set as an example to the rest. No wonder the Management Team see Rizaldy as the most fit for this company incentive. He gets to have a summer getaway with his wife in Cebu. All expenses paid by the company, plus a spending money. Truly, once you work hard, Axiem will return what you deserve.

Rizaldy Razal – Employee of the Quarter

Question : What inspires you to be good at your job?
My family is my motivation and, of course, the working environment here at Axiem. The feeling of how important employees to the employer and the knowledge that they are sharing to us every day are things that you cannot find in other BPO companies. Axiem makes me feel that I am not just their employee. We are their business partners as well.

Question : What are your words of encouragement to your colleagues to get this incentive?
Every employee of Axiem deserves every award that the company is giving out. Just do what you think is best for you and for the company.

Question : What do you want to say to Maryann and Peter?
To Maryann and Peter, thank you so much for the wonderful reward you have given me and to my family. What a remarkable experience! I will continue to work hard and always be positive in every way.

Other Top Notch Awardees

Axiem is also grateful and congratulates its members of the team who continue to be reliable and committed performers.

Employee of the Month
February 2015: Belle Garcia
March 2015: Keith Dingsala

Team of the Month
March 2015: Dennis Bolivar (Team Dave)  and Catherine Rellora (Team Det)

The Employee of the Month and Team of the Month awardees received 6K worth of SM Gift Certificates and two free movie passes for each member, respectively.