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Employee of the Quarter: Kiko in Palawan


Francisco “Kiko” Matira is Axiem’s Employee of the Quarter for the 1st Quarter of 2015.

Kiko has been with the company for almost two years. He is a Licensed Customs Broker and works as a Data Entry Specialist. His face is familiar to the Axiem staff after winning and being a part of Team of the Month thrice. He starts his day at work by coming early in order to disseminate the tasks equally to his teammates. As a senior in his team, he has been regarded as the go-to person also by his client who rely on him in handling high-priority tasks.

As colleagues congratulate him, Kiko shares his appreciation for receiving the award, “I’ve been working here for almost two years and I’ve never been an Employee of the Month. I am very fortunate to be recognized as an Employee of the Quarter.”

In recognizing his hard work, he went to Palawan with his parents, all expenses paid by Axiem. They stayed in a simple yet beautiful hotel in the city and toured magnificent sceneries in Puerto Princesa Underground River and Honda Bay.

Kiko Matira – Employee of the Quarter

Question : What inspires you to be good at your job?
Ever since I worked, I’ve always instilled in me the passion for excellence. For me, it’s very fulfilling when you do your job the best you can and your superiors and teammates recognize your hard work. Especially here in Axiem, our bosses are very generous and they really compliment you on what you do.

Question : What are your words of encouragement to your colleagues to get this incentive?
I always tell them to do their best. We should give our 100% in our everyday task and do not expect anything from doing so. We should be grateful on what we’re receiving.

Question : What do you want to say to Maryann and Peter?
It is our first plane trip, for me and my mom. We are very happy and we really enjoyed our vacation in Palawan. I have always been grateful to Boss M and Peter since I started in the company. This was such a wonderful experience. Thank you.

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Employees and Teams of the Month enjoyed SM Gift Certificates worth 6K and two free movie passes for each member, respectively.