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Corporate Social Responsibility: October visit to Bahay Tuluyan


Axiem is a strong advocate of giving back to the community and demonstrates this advocacy with the ongoing support of a children’s shelter in the Philippines. Axiem support and encourage employee volunteerism and make a steadfast commitment to making a difference to the lives of those less fortunate.

In October, like every month of 2016, Axiem sent a group volunteers to Bahay Tuluyan (BT), a children’s shelter in Laguna, Philippines. The volunteers, headed by Vixen’s Project Manager Daryl Gaudiel together with Bong, Mary Jane, Ronnie, Domniloyde, Erickson, Mylene, Adrian, Romero, Sher, Christian and Danilo, delivered pre-loved shoes and clothing and essential toiletries to the shelter. They also took the opportunity to conduct some team building activities with the children which focus on building trust and encouraging teamwork.

Upon their arrival, the team of Axiem volunteers received a warm welcome from both the children and the staff at BT. The group were briefed on the history of Bahay Tuluyan, and their Mission, Vision, and Values. Volunteers were also informed of the basic house rules to adhere to while within the shelter’s premises.

The program began in a customary way with prayers to ask for guidance and give thanks. Daryl Gaudiel then kindly provided the opening remarks and conducted a fun ‘get-to-know’ session to encourage all participants to feel at ease.

The first activity was the construction of a DIY Coin Bank or Coin Rack which could be used individually to save money or as a method to collect donations. After the extended creative session, the children and volunteers then talked and laughed while eating a well-deserved lunch. Lunch was followed by game time; the children participated in the Archer, Bunny, Wall game that focused on improving essential teamwork skills such as communication and cooperation.

The Axiem volunteers had worked hard to prepare a special dance which the children of BT appreciated and their smiles showed that they clearly enjoyed watching. It was a fun day for everyone but unfortunately, the day had to come to an end. The kids laughed, played and ate snacks while the volunteers did some general housekeeping and packed up their things for the trip home. To the volunteers’ delight, the children invited their visitors on a tour around the grounds; from the offices to the gardens where they plant their crops, and animal pens where they keep their pigs and poultry. The children finished by proudly showing their houses where they live and sleep.

Every time we visit Bahay Tuluyan, we are reminded that our purpose is to share and spread love to everyone. To change lives with simple acts of kindness. We would like to thank all of our volunteers who join us in our quest and we look forward to facilitating the next team visit to Bahay Tuluyan.