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Battle of the Brains - Axiem Edition


We all need a break from work. At Axiem, we do it with a mind exercise – having a Battle of the Brains tournament!

As we gear towards creating engagement activities for our employees, we give them activities where they can have fun and be challenged at the same time.

Battle of the Brains featured questions that requires you to battle thinking with time. Questions from Mathematics, Science, General Knowledge, Literature, Sports, Entertainment and Spelling were given. All Team from Operations and Management sent 3 representatives, up for a mission – bringing home the bacon!

The game had an elimination round where you’ll win when your team reaches 5 points. For the final face off, Vixen, Training, IT and Team Kristine rallied against each other – all in the race of getting 10 points first to win the title as Champions!

Finally, it was Training Team who won the Championship Title for the first ever Battle of the Brains – Axiem edition. Congratulations!