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Axiem’s Employee of the Quarter for 2014, April Osoya Travels to Palawan


Axiem’s Employee of Quarter for the 2nd Quarter of 2014 is April Osoya. She received an all-expense-paid travel to Palawan with generous pocket money. Together with her sister, they enjoyed Puerto Princesa, especially the famous Underground River.

April has been working in the company as a Data Entry Specialist since September 2013. She has received three Team of the Month certificates for the months of December 2013, May and August 2014. These awards only prove that April is deserving to be Axiem’s Employee of the Quarter.

“We always receive commendation from our clients regarding April’s performance. She also shows consistency in her work and has perfect schedule adherence. For this reason, the Management Team decided it is rightful to award the Employee of the Quarter to April,” said Melinda Ang-Tee, HR Supervisor.

What Makes April a Consistent Awardee

When asked on her secret for being a consistent employee awardee, April mentioned that there is no secret formula. She simply enjoys her work at Axiem Corporation. She treasures the environment and her relationship with her colleagues and bosses.

Question : What inspires you to be good at your job?
April : My baby inspires me to do my best at work. She’s my motivation. I also
value my career here at Axiem. Compared to my previous jobs, this company gives competitive compensation package and more benefits.

Question : What are your words of encouragement that will also challenge
your colleagues to get this incentive?
April : I never thought I would be recognised because I believe
that there are other agents who are better than me. My advice would be for them to do their best and gain the trust of our clients. More importantly, do not hesitate to ask for help. Even if you have been in this company for long a time, don’t be overconfident. Raise questions and get opinions so the learning never stops.

Question : What do you want to say to Maryann and Peter?
April : I didn’t expect to receive these awards for the past months. With that, I am
truly grateful to our bosses who recognize my hard work and dedication. Thank you for this wonderful treat.

Other Top Notch Awardees

More names were called to commend their work. The following employees and their hard work also deserve the recognition from the company:

Employee of the Month   
May 2014 : Crissa Landrito
June 2014 : Errol Bogoy
July 2014 : Jordan Kennedy and Jeffrey Suarez
August 2014 : Mohammad Naga
September 2014 : Rizaldy Razal

Team of the Month
May 2014 : April Osoya and Rose Ann Consunji
June 2014 : Kervin Garuta, Francis Forneste and Janice Geronimo
July 2014 : Virome Dimasacat, Norjana Rascal, Michael Rivera and Marjorie Gonzales
August 2014 : April Osoya, Virome Dimasacat, Norjana Rascal, Michael Rivera and Marjorie Gonzales
September 2014 : Francisco Matira, Nadia Lumubos, Baby Jane Namuco and Arianne Anajao

All recipients of Employee of the Month chose the SM Gift Certificates worth 6K. While every member of the Team of the Month from May to September 2014 enjoyed free movie tickets for two.