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Friday. April 15, 2016 is the soft opening of Sports Fest 2016.

Right after the General Assembly, the battle for greatness began! Players of Chess and darts of each team prepared for a tough fight.

Winners: Green Team and Yellow. They are going to battle for the championship round of Darts next Friday, April 22, while teams Red and Orange will face each other for 3rd and 4th place.

During the quarter finals here are the statistics:

  1. Yellow won 2 out of their 3 matches
  2. Green won 1 out of their 2 matches
  3. Red won 1 out of their 1 match
  4. Orange has been knocked out of the competition

Tomorrow is going to be the Opening Ceremony of Axiem – OBP Sports Fest 2016! Good luck Champions! Let’s see who’ll run to the finals!