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Axiem is Now a Microsoft Partner



Axiem is Now a Microsoft Partner

Axiem Corporation has joined the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) to ensure we continue to offer the best service to our clients as well as being proactive in offering our clients the latest software products in the market.

Benefits as Microsoft Partner

As a Microsoft Partner, Axiem is able to provide state of the art advanced technology infrastructure which in turn will benefit our clients.

Instead of purchasing our software from a third party provider, partnering with Microsoft gives Axiem the advantage of providing our clients with better pricing as well as quick implementation of software required. In the end, it improves the work process of our staff and is more time efficient for our clients.

“Joining the Microsoft Partner Network allows the company to save time and reduce costs while increasing productivity and efficiency. We are able to better serve our clients and establish lasting relationships to achieve our fullest capabilities”, says Eliezer Ga, Axiem Network Administrator.

To learn more about this, you can contact us at +632 956 4429.