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Axiem Enters the US Market


In a company meeting held April 2, 2014, Maryann Farrugia announced the opening of Axiem USA office and introduced the newest member of the company, Joy Siemens as the US Sales Manager.

Prior to the meeting, Maryann has always been keen about the company's global takeoff.
After the opening of UK office and having Lee Guy and Lana Ortega on board, the company
is now looking at establishing its US market presence. In the meeting, Maryann mentioned that the US market is potentially our biggest market for the future. She is confident that Axiem can be active in this highly competitive market and start providing our outsourcing services to those who need it.

Axiem Welcomes Joy Siemens - US Sales Manager

Maryann appointed Joy Siemens as Axiem's key person in building the company's presence in the US market. Joy Siemens has been in the freight forwarding and international logistics industry for 30 years. Her strong understanding of the problems in the industry fits well with Axiem's ability to help businesses use outsourcing to resolve them.

In her introduction to the team, Joy said, "The outsourcing services we offer will help the freight forwarders, customs brokers and other industries in adapting to the problem of remaining competitive in today's market. We can help them. We bring the solution."

Joy believes that the asset of the company is with the team's comprehensive knowledge and focus in providing reliable outsourcing services for the freight forwarding sector. That is why even with tight market competition in the US, Joy is determined that the company will be able to acquire prospects and sustain lasting partnerships. "The US market is very open to utilizing the business process outsourcing (BPO) trend. That is why I am confident that the company will be able to establish and expand its market here in the US," Joy added.

Axiem Opens US Office

The company celebrates the opening of its fourth global office located at 10736 Jefferson
Boulevard, #225 Culver City, California on April 8, 2014. The Axiem US office is now open
to small, medium and large businesses that are finding ways on how to reduce costs and
increase productivity.

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