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Axiem Awards Kevin Young, Quarterly Incentive Recipient, with an All-Expense-Paid Travel to Boracay


Congratulations to Kevin Young for receiving the Quarterly Incentive Program for the 4th Quarter of 2013!

In the company Christmas party held on December 7, 2013, the Axiem Management Team honored top employees who have showed remarkable performances with their specific job functions. Among these employees was Kevin Young who was awarded with a quarterly incentive program (an all-expense-paid travel to Boracay) for his outstanding attendance record and work performance.

Kevin is the very first agent of Axiem Corporation. He joined the company on April 2013 and worked as a Telemarketer. He was recently promoted as Team Leader and now supervises data entry specialists. He ensures data is processed accurately and in a timely manner while sustaining client relationships.

"Kevin is our model employee. Since he came in at Axiem Corporation, he never encountered any tardiness issues and memos. He won't leave his desk until his job is done and complete. He is an exceptional employee and truly deserves this quarterly incentive," Mylyn Ferido-Magpantay, Operations Manager, said.

Kevin Young Challenges the Rest of the Axiem Team

When asked if getting the quarterly incentive was a goal in mind, Kevin humbly answered, "I am just a day-to-day guy. I concentrate and work on my tasks as my daily goal." Here are the rest of his message to everyone, especially his team mates.

Question : What is your inspiration for working hard each day?
Kevin : The data entry people inspire me a lot. You would think that they're doing simple things when actually it is complicated, and I am happy to be supervising them with their tasks.

Question : What advice can you give to your team mates who aspire to receive a quarterly incentive in the future?
Kevin : Start with simple things because little by little you'll just notice yourself doing and attaining a lot of things. More importantly, keep the faith because this wouldn't happen
without God.

Question : Do you have any special message to Maryann and Peter?
I wanted to take a second to thank you guys for the very generous Boracay trip and the oh so generous pocket money you awarded me this year. I feel very blessed and lucky to work for you guys. The support and care you show for your employees is truly amazing.

I am so proud to be part of the team. These gestures do not go unnoticed. Thank you so much, Maryann and Peter! Looking forward to the challenges ahead.

Axiem sees to it that every hard work is recognized. His statements are truly the words of an employee who respects his colleagues and has high integrity in what he does. Indeed, a true character that Melinda Ang-Tee, Human Resources Supervisor, knows can be found with the rest of the employees at Axiem. She said, "With perfect attendance, passion for excellence and dedication to perform well, every employee has the chance to experience what Kevin had in his travel to Boracay."

Other Top Notch Awardees for the Month of January

The Axiem Management Team also recognized the determination and enthusiasm of other Top Notch employees. See our list below:

Employee of the Month : Julieta Mendoza
Team of the Month : Bernadeth Sanchez and Yusely Sinones
Aussie Quiz Winners : Benneth De La Raga and Kevin Young

All top notch awardees were given generous gift certificates that they can enjoy with their loved ones.